Don’t Fall For It! Tips To Avoid Trips, Slips & Falls

May 1, 2019

Taking the time to reduce personal injuries from trips slips, and falls can be a very important investment. Here are some safety tips and reminders to keep you safe on the road, and at home

These boots are made for walking, but climbing ladders not so much!

  • Tie off your ladder before using
  • Don’t rush up or down the ladder
  • Don’t skip or jump past the last rung
  • Stay aware of foot placement. Place your foot in the middle of the rung
  • Inspect your boots weekly for wear and tear

Look Twice! We cannot control the maintenance standards at customer sites, so stay alert.

  • Always wear sturdy shoes with good traction
  • Before inspecting your truck or trailer. Inspect the area for slip, trip or fall hazards
  • Report debris, spills or other hazards to the yard manager

Tarp Smart!

  • Carry a ladder to access the top of a load
  • Use tarping stations when customers make them available
  • Share techniques and tips with other drive
  • Roll tarps forward not backwards, which will keep edges and voids visible

Protect yourself when loading and unloading

  • Remove slip and fall hazards
  • Check your load for loose pallets or loose banding
  • Get help with loads not manageable by one person
  • Use loading and unloading equipment that is appropriate for your load
  • Check trailer truck steps, ladders, and handles. Replace them if they are broken

Prevent falls when securing a load

  • Inspect and replace worn straps and chains
  • Don’t put yourself in a compromising position when tightening chain load bindings
  • Maintain solid footing and a stable body position

A safe driver is part detective always stay alert to avoid hazards. Work safe and avoid hazards