Should I Become a Truck Driver?

Jan 22, 2019

Thinking about becoming a truck driver? Here are a few signs that you should consider getting your CDL

A career that is stable and has a high earning potential

It’s one of the main reasons you choose a certain career path, right? Everybody needs money to live, but you possibly don’t want to just “get by”.  A career as an owner operator with Davis Transport has a lot of opportunity to earn great money being that we have the highest compensation rate in the nation!

You have always wanted to travel

At Davis Transport truck drivers have the duty of transporting essential freight from one part of the country to another. That could mean traveling from coast to coast, crossing many states in the process. And all the incredible sights across the U.S. are completely free to the driver! Admire stunning landscapes and vistas you might not have the chance to see otherwise! From wildernesses and foothills to the beachy coasts, you can get paid while you travel around America.

You desire to work alone

While there are options for team drivers and passengers, the majority of CDL truck driving is done alone. Many times, it’s just the driver, their truck, and the open road for hours. You can listen to music or talk shows or maybe tune into podcasts while you drive. The point is that you can work in the peace and quiet by yourself.

You want an important job

The US needs its CDL truck drivers! Ever heard someone call truck drivers the backbone of America? That’s because nearly 70% of the materials moved across the country are moved by truck drivers.2 Truck drivers move all types of freight, from produce and medicine to furniture and cars. If it sits on a shelf for you to buy, then it was probably brought there by a truck driver. Without our truck drivers, our nation would come screeching to a halt! Truck drivers have an extremely important role in society.