Zombies And Trucking And a Video Game? Oh, My!

Oct 19, 2016

zombie-1Fleet management systems company Omnitracs unveiled a Halloween-timely PR effort in the form of an online game called Zombie Dispatch. And while it’s meant to be for fun, there are serious undertones. Sure, a zombie apocalypse is the stuff of popular fiction. But real emergencies such as the extensive flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew can reach a similar feel very quickly as you’re cut off from things you need, the powers out and you can’t get through on roadways.

“Whether it’s a natural disaster, day-to-day supplies or a zombie apocalypse, truck drivers are critically important,” said Jim Gardner, vice president of marketing at Omnitracs. “That’s exactly the message we wanted to get out with this game. The public needs to recognize not only the professionalism of the drivers, but the critical role they play in the economy in normal times, let alone during natural disasters and emergencies.”

The game touches on driver shortages and the difficulty many fleets have recruiting and retaining drivers as well. “There aren’t as many truck drivers on the road as there were just a few years ago, and the numbers of those still driving have been thinned by the virus,” the game explains as you get started.

The game also manages to fold in a message about the role of technology and fleet management systems, and how they keep trucks rolling and getting through post-disaster. Playing the game, the user gets an occasional humorous message like “Rest in peace, unsafe and inefficient fleets!”

Regarding the day-to-day importance of trucking, here’s the game’s message: “If trucks stopped rolling, in just 24 hours, gas prices would skyrocket and hospitals would exhaust basic supplies. In 2-3 days, supplies of bottled water and non-perishable goods would be exhausted. By the end of the week, hospitals would run out of critical supplies of oxygen and medicine.”

In short, the country would quickly grind to a halt without trucking.

To check out the game, go to

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