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Meals For 18 Wheels Is Gearing Up For The Holidays

1511703_560839657339537_503948183_nWith the holiday season at our doors, Meals for 18 wheels has been busy gearing up for the rush. Meals for 18 Wheels, an organization that serves hot meals to truck drivers in need, is preparing for its fourth holiday season.  Crystal Schoonmaker, who started Meals for 18 Wheels, said the organization served 395 home-cooked meals to truck drivers last Thanksgiving and anticipates similar numbers this year.

Schoonmaker is well aware of the sacrifices drivers make as her husband, father, aunt, two uncles and brother have all been trucker drivers. “If a driver finds themselves stranded because they’re broke down or they don’t have access to food where they’re at or they have a financial setback, they can message the page and we will access our volunteers that we already have information for in the drivers’ area and we’ll make contact with them and exchange information so the drivers can get fed that day,” Schoonmaker said. “If not, we’ll put a post on our Facebook page and hopefully someone will come through.” The group consists of 1,500 volunteers across the United States.

“We’re setting aside Thanksgiving and the Friday (Nov. 24-25) for the holiday sharing, “Schoonmaker said. “For the rest of the weekend, we’re going to play that by ear. If something arises during the weekend, we’ll definitely be available to try and get a driver a home-cooked meal.”

While Thanksgiving and Christmas are the group’s busiest times of the year, Meals for 18 Wheels is a year-round operation. The group typically provides meals to several drivers each week.

“The past year has been busy,” she said. “At the beginning of the year, we were really busy. We were getting drivers that needed help almost every day. Recently, it’s slowed down a bunch. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m leaning toward that it’s a good thing.

“We’re thankful that there may be less of a need, but some new drivers might not know we’re here. Hopefully, we can get the word out to everyone. We definitely want everyone to know that we’re still here, we’re still active, and we’re still doing this.”

Drivers in need of a meal can contact Meals for 18 Wheels on its Facebook page or by emailing Individuals who’d like to volunteer can apply here. The group is thin on volunteers in Nebraska, Kansas, Washington and Nevada.

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Zombies And Trucking And a Video Game? Oh, My!

zombie-1Fleet management systems company Omnitracs unveiled a Halloween-timely PR effort in the form of an online game called Zombie Dispatch. And while it’s meant to be for fun, there are serious undertones. Sure, a zombie apocalypse is the stuff of popular fiction. But real emergencies such as the extensive flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew can reach a similar feel very quickly as you’re cut off from things you need, the powers out and you can’t get through on roadways.

“Whether it’s a natural disaster, day-to-day supplies or a zombie apocalypse, truck drivers are critically important,” said Jim Gardner, vice president of marketing at Omnitracs. “That’s exactly the message we wanted to get out with this game. The public needs to recognize not only the professionalism of the drivers, but the critical role they play in the economy in normal times, let alone during natural disasters and emergencies.”

The game touches on driver shortages and the difficulty many fleets have recruiting and retaining drivers as well. “There aren’t as many truck drivers on the road as there were just a few years ago, and the numbers of those still driving have been thinned by the virus,” the game explains as you get started.

The game also manages to fold in a message about the role of technology and fleet management systems, and how they keep trucks rolling and getting through post-disaster. Playing the game, the user gets an occasional humorous message like “Rest in peace, unsafe and inefficient fleets!”

Regarding the day-to-day importance of trucking, here’s the game’s message: “If trucks stopped rolling, in just 24 hours, gas prices would skyrocket and hospitals would exhaust basic supplies. In 2-3 days, supplies of bottled water and non-perishable goods would be exhausted. By the end of the week, hospitals would run out of critical supplies of oxygen and medicine.”

In short, the country would quickly grind to a halt without trucking.

To check out the game, go to

While Davis Transport Inc., is one of the leading flatbed freight carriers in the nation, we consider ourselves a company built for flatbed owner operators by flatbed owner operators. Our flatbed lease purchase program has facilitated hundreds of truckers’ transition from employee to business ownership. To learn more about our flatbed lease purchase program lease click here.

Girl Scouts Introduce A Transportation Badge

Young women have long been able to earn Girl Scout badges in areas ranging from crafts and the outdoors to digital arts, healthy living, and financial literacy. Now, those offerings have been expanded to include a program aimed at educating scouts about job opportunities in the trucking industry.

Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women in Trucking (WIT), teamed up with the Girl Scouts to create a Women In Trucking patch. “There aren’t a lot of role models for young women looking into transportation,” Voie said. “There isn’t a truck driver Barbie yet, but I’m working on it. Young girls are a part of the trucking industry’s future, and this is a gr20160929inbound_girl_scout_patcheat way to expose them to the impact of trucking on their lives, since everything they have has been transported at some point by a truck.” In 2014, Ellen approached the Girl Scouts about starting the program, Trucks Are For Girls, for troops to offer a transportation patch for their members.

“Women In Trucking Association’s mission includes the goal to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry,” said Voie. “The opportunity to reach young women in the Girl Scout program to tell them about career opportunities in transportation supports this objective. The Girl Scouts who earned their patch in transportation learned about an important segment of our economy while getting an up close view of a tractor trailer in a fun filled day of learning.”

Now in 2016 Trucks Are For Girls events are spreading across the nation. These events allow the girls to try out a truck driving simulator, to explore the interior of a truck, and to hear from female professional drivers. The Girl Scouts are always looking for ways to empower young women, to expand rather than decrease options; these events are a prime example of that. Driving a truck has always been considered a “man’s job,” but that’s not the way it has to be.  And since the Boy Scouts already offer members a Truck Transportation and Safety merit badge, it’s only fair that the Girl Scouts have something similar. That’s why attendees at these events receive a Transportation Patch.

“I didn’t know that it was for girls, too,” nine-year-old Jaedyn Roemhildt told WIT’s Redefining the Road magazine after a recent event. “I thought those trucks weren’t fun, but I got in one and it was really fun. I didn’t even know they had a horn,” Roemhildt said.  Eleven-year-old Emily Schaefer put what she learned about transportation into context of her life by saying, “We’re Girl Scouts, and we do Girl Scout cookies. Wheat starts at the farm and travels all the way to the factory. I think that’s cool. If we didn’t get the wheat, we wouldn’t get the Girl Scout cookies.”


While Davis Transport Inc., is one of the leading flatbed freight carriers in the nation, we consider ourselves a company built for flatbed owner operators by flatbed owner operators. Our flatbed lease purchase program has facilitated hundreds of truckers’ transition from employee to business ownership. To learn more about our flatbed lease purchase program lease click here.

Be Prepared To Stop: A New Documentary Pushing For Change

For the past two years filmmaker Jennifer Clymer has been working on a documentary called Be Prepared to Stop, which highlights the importance of the trucking industry to the lives of everyday Americans while exploring the troubling challenges truck drivers face on the road. Clymer says that she made the film to honor her grandfather, who was a truck driver.mv5bmja0ndg5mtewmf5bml5banbnxkftztgwotuwotyynze-_v1_

The goal of Be Prepared to Stop is to inform the American public of the importance of the trucking industry to the American economy and raise awareness to the poor current conditions of the roads and highways that truckers travel on to transport goods and product. According to the filmmakers, these road conditions are reaching a point of crisis. Needless to say, but the quality of the roads has a direct impact on the trucking industry as we know it. Another goal of the film is to raise awareness on this trucking industry challenge in an effort to spur government action toward improving the roads and conditions to allow truckers to do their jobs.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, the filmmakers had the unique opportunity to have a special showing in the South Orientation Theater of the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center before an audience of 100 members of Congress and their staffs, federal agencies, advocacy groups, national trucking lobbies and others. A news release on the event said a “panel of experts examined how to communicate to the general public the enormity of the [infrastructure] problem in a way that motivates a demand for policies that lead to solutions” in the hope it will spur conversations about the subject at “dinner tables across the country.”

Congressman Blumenauer, who sponsored the event, made this comment in regards to the film: “I’m convinced that [Be Prepared to Stop] made a great contribution to this discussion. I’m hopeful that sooner rather than later Congress steps up and does the right thing. And in no small measure it’s because the message that you have here is portrayed in a forceful way that even Congress has to act.”

The documentary has already been shown in Little Rock and San José, California, and will be shown in Minneapolis next month. For more information about the movie visit


Annual Mother’s Day Truck Convoy Benefiting Make-A-Wish

The Trucking Industry can impact change across the country one truck and one child at a time.

A 500-truck convoy has been scheduled for Mother’s Day in Lancaster, Pa., to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and take aim at a world record.

The annual convoy has been raising funds for 26 years for the Make-A-Wish Philadelphia, Northern Delaware & Susquehanna Valley, a charity that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Last year, nearly 400 trucks from around the country, many of them carrying Make-A-Wish kids, rolled through central Pennsylvania as spectators lined roads and overpasses to cheer.

The Netherlands now holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for “World’s Longest Truck Convoy,” but the group hopes to win it back this year by drawing 500 trucks. The Mother’s Day Convoy will be from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, May 8, in Lancaster, Pa.

Watch This Video To See How Participation Impacts The Lives Of Many:

Event Background:

A tradition since 1990

What started as a simple wish has turned into a Guinness Book of World Records event!

In 1990, a young man named Matt (right) requested a wish to ride in an 18 wheeler and speak to his sister on a CB radio. Over forty trucks and drivers showed up to grant the wish and the Mother’s Day Truck Convoy was conceived. For the past 26 years, the event has been held on Mother’s Day in Lancaster, PA. Over the years the number of trucks has grown to almost 400 with over 100 wish children as passengers riding each year. The event draws approximately 5,000 people that come to see the trucks, attend an auction, play games and enjoy delicious local food.

In 2003 & 2004 our Convoy set the Guinness World Record for “The World’s Longest Truck Convoy” with 391 trucks participating in the convoy! Then in November of 2004 our record was beat by a trucking company in the Netherlands, with 416 trucks. This year we are aiming to take the world record back to America by getting more than 417 trucks to roll for the Mother’s Day Convoy on May 8, 2016. Participation in every convoy raises money to grant wishes, with millions of dollars raised so far. You can raise money as a driver, event sponsor, or show up the day of the convoy and enjoy the festivities!

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TA/Petro Courtesy WiFi Restaurants




Contact:          Tom Liutkus

TravelCenters of America




TravelCenters of America offers courtesy wifi in restaurants at select locations



WESTLAKE, Ohio, April 17, 2014 – TravelCenters of America LLC (TravelCenters), operator of the TA® and Petro Stopping Centers® travel center brands, is now offering Courtesy WiFi in the restaurant dining rooms of 39 TA and Petro locations.


“We’re happy to be able to now offer courtesy WiFi in the dining rooms of select locations to provide our customers the opportunity to check email or browse the Internet while they are dining,” explained Tom O’Brien, President and CEO of TravelCenters. “To continue to show driver respect, we wanted to offer drivers a chance to sit down and relax, and enjoy a good meal, while still staying connected and managing their business,” he added.


Courtesy WiFi is intended for light internet traffic and web use during a two-hour time period.  Customers who require higher speeds or wish to stay connected for extended periods of time are invited to purchase one of the standard WiFi packages.


Locations offering courtesy WiFi:



  • TA Southington, CT
  • TA Marianna, FL
  • TA Wildwood, FL
  • TA Savannah, GA
  • TA Effingham, IL (WiFi available in the food court at this location.)
  • TA Gary, IN
  • TA Whitestown, IN
  • TA Bloomsbury, NJ
  • TA Binghamton, NY
  • TA Dansville, NY
  • TA Maybrook, NY


– more –

TravelCenters of America offers courtesy wifi  -2

  • TA Greensboro, NC
  • TA Dayton, OH
  • TA Jeffersonville, OH
  • TA Kingsville, OH
  • TA Lodi, OH
  • TA North Canton, OH
  • TA Toledo, OH
  • TA Oklahoma City East, OK
  • TA Barkeyville, PA
  • TA Brookville, PA
  • TA Greencastle, PA
  • TA Harborcreek, PA
  • TA Manning, SC (Jimmy Ardis Manning Travel Center)
  • TA Amarillo, TX
  • TA Cheyenne, WY
  • TA Rawlins, WY
  • Petro W. Memphis, AR (Jerry Fritts W. Memphis Stopping Center)
  • Petro Salina, KS
  • Petro Glendale, KY
  • Petro Kingdom City, MO
  • Petro York, NE (Charley Endorf York Stopping Center)
  • Petro N. Las Vegas, NV (Linda and Bob Caffee N. Las Vegas Stopping Center)
  • Petro New Paris, OH
  • Petro North Baltimore, OH
  • Petro Perrysburg, OH
  • Petro Florence, SC
  • Petro Amarillo, TX
  • Petro Beaumont, TX



About TravelCenters of America LLC

TravelCenters of America LLC (TravelCenters), headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, is a leading travel center business in 43 states and Canada operating under the TA® and Petro Stopping Centers® brands. With 249 convenient full-service locations off interstate highway exits, TA and Petro Stopping Centers offer customers diesel and gasoline fueling services, more than 500 full- and quick-service restaurants, 24-hour convenience stores, heavy truck maintenance services, RoadSquad Connect™ (24/7/365 emergency roadside service), Reserve-It™ (truck parking reservations), and many other services – all within large, high traffic facilities. TravelCenters also operates gasoline/convenience stores in Kentucky and Tennessee under the Minit Mart brand name. For more information on TravelCenters and TA, please visit For more information on Petro Stopping Centers, please visit