Highway Angels

Making A Positive Difference!

The following have been awarded Highway Angel Certificates:The Highway Angel program, introduced by theTruckload Carriers Association and sponsored by Volvo Trucks North America, is an on-going effort to help recognize driver professionalism and to elevate the public’s awareness and appreciation for outstanding drivers in the trucking industry.We want to honor drivers who are making a positive difference in the lives of the people with whom they share the road. Below is a list of drivers associated with our company who performed a good deed while on the job and who clearly go the extra mile!

Andrew Lee: Recognized as a Highway Angel for assisting a diabetic grandmother in a crisis situation. She explained that she was a diabetic, had been feeling dizzy, pulled into the truck stop, and upon checking her blood sugar, discovered it was extremely low. Lee quickly placed his own lunch on the hood of her car and ran into the store to buy orange juice… To help stabilize the woman’s sugar level, he hurried back to the store to get her some candy bars while she drank the juice. Then he remained with her until she reached a safe blood sugar level… Read more…

Brandon Jones: Recognized as a Highway Angel for administering CPR on December 17, 2003. A fellow driver was at a customer’s loading dock when he suffered a heart attack and fell from the deck of the flatbed trailer. Brandon rushed over to assist him, he noticed the driver didn’t have a pulse and began administering CPR. The ambulance crew arrived and took the driver to the hospital. He has since made a full recovery.

Eddie Ohms: Recognized as a Highway Angel for the assistance he gave to an elderly couple June 26, 2001 who had a flat tire while traveling on I-5 in the California desert. Eddie finished changing their tire in extremely hot weather and even furnished the couple with water. Eddie wants to rejuvenate the tradition of truckers stopping to help motorists. He feels in doing a good deed for others he can help reverse negative stereotypes that sometimes exist.

Otha Brightwell: Recognized as a Highway Angel for the kindness and quick action he showed July 26, 2000 when he helped pull a seriously injured driver from the demolished cab of his delivery truck.

Jonathan Chapman: Recognized as a Highway Angel for the act of kindness showed on November 16, 1997 for taking the time to help a teenager in trouble.

Quince Lewis: Recognized as a Highway Angel for the kindness he showed June 8, 2000 on Willow Pass in Idaho when he stopped to assist at the scene of a serious accident.

David Robinson: Recognized as a Highway Angel for the act of kindness shown on December 19, 1997 in assisting the victims of two car accidents.

Chuck Shaffer: Recognized as a Highway Angel for the act of kindness he showed on February 14, 2000 near Hopkington, New Hampshire when he saw a driver trying to pass him lose control of his vehicle on an icy road and spin-out in front of his truck. With skilled driving he avoided hitting the car and pulled over to help the motorist whose car had come to rest in a ditch. Another on-coming car lost control on the ice and slammed into the first car, pinning him between the two vehicles, breaking both his legs.

James Tubbs: Recognized as a Highway Angel for the act of kindness shown on May 23, 1997 for assisting with first aid and clean-up at a car crash.